Why Durak Plastik
why are we the best?

Support after-sales

Our company with high technical equipment provides many products safely to your service. Durak Plastik provides after-sales support to meet your needs in the most appropriate and highest quality.

Expert team

Durak Plastik provides best solutions to our customers needs in the best quality with the expert team in their projects.

Quality service Sense

Since 1958, our company has been carrying out the works that you need with the production of the latest technologies and projects.

Customer satisfaction

Under the basic human values, the highest priority is to provide our past and present day and future to the satisfaction of our customers with the trust we have given and the necessity of forming a respectable company.

First quality raw material

To increase the quality of all the products we produce with the first quality raw material you provide and to meet your needs with the latest technology is our first priority for our customers who have adopted you as a quality lifestyle.

Occupational Health Safety

DURAK PLASTIK, which ensures the safety of the employees that it has in possession as a result of work efficiency, makes a conscious approach to the future generations that we live in the future and reduce production without harming the environment and human health without any loss.